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Friday, 25 April 2014

Strange :Woman Find Inside Covered Gutter In Lagos.

 Hell was almost let lose at an area in Ojuelegba Surulere in Lagos
State near Abalti barrack around after 9am in the morning. According to an eye witness a passer by notice a voice coming from a gutter shouting for help and she also call the attention of other passer by who saw this woman in a gutter in the area which is about 5 feet deep.
People quickly ran to the barrack to get help from the solider their, a senior army officer ask a welder to open the steel that was used to cover the gutter so the the woman can be brought out, eventually she was assisted out of the gutter by a man and was given a cloth to cover her body.
when she was asked what she was doing in the gutter she was crying and asking for water but was not given.

She said her name is Amudat Jimoh, and that it was God that ask her to confess her sin so that she will not die, she said please help me i need water i dont know how i find my self in the gutter please help me.

She was later taken to the hospital by Lagos State Ambulance for medical attention.

So what is your own take on this your comment.

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