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Monday 22 December 2014

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi Say His Prayer Healed Ebola Victim.

Over 100,000 Deeper Lifers were thrown into a state of ecstasy at the weekend as the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian
Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi told the congregation that his prayer healed an Ebola patient in one of the Ebola infested countries.
Kumuyi, who spoke at the National Deeper Life December Retreat held at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, DLCC, km 42 Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, said he would not disclose the name of the country where his prayer healed the patient.
In his sermon on Enrichment Through Faith In God, Kumuyi said he prayed through the phone and the prayer was anwered by God who healed the Ebola patient in another country.
According to him, the National Overseer of that country had told him the problem at hand of a woman struck down with Ebola and was being isolated in a certain location in that country, saying that the overseer gave the woman’s phone number to him.
Kumuyi explained that when the woman called him on phone, he prayed a simple prayer of faith for her, saying that the national overseer later call to tell him that the woman was healed of Ebola immediately after the prayer.
He said a test was conducted on the woman and was discovered that she no longer has Ebola and was discharged from the quarantined centre, telling the congregation that if God could anwer the prayer on phone, how much more when the people could see him physically at the Retreat.
However, Kumuyi has declared that 2015 is the year of God’s visitation, saying God would give His people a cause to celebrate in the New Year. “God will visit you in the New Year; of everything holding you down, the Lord will break it. You will step into your Promised Land,” he said.
“Things will turn around in your life. It is not what you see yesterday, it is not what you see today, a brighter day is coming; the coming days for you will be better than the good old days. The things of the past may be wonderful, the things of today day will be more wonderful,” he said.
He urged all not to be like the complaining, critical and murmuring Israelites in the Bible but instead, they must know “something better is awaiting them in the present day. Things are going to be better at this time.”
Kumuyi further urged all not to meditate on the past, but “look forward for a new day, with new promises from the Lord.”
The pastor also urged Nigerians not to magnify present and past crises, but rather magnify the promises and plan of God. “For you to know that God has come to visit His people, nothing will stop you onward journey. God has not written you off. God has not forgotten you. There is a glorious day awaiting you; things will turn around. The bright future is starting today,” he said.
Kumuyi also strongly admonished his teeming adherents and other sincere seekers across the world to take insightful look into their lives and prepare for life beyond now as the return of the Lord is imminent.
He advised all people, especially Nigerians not to seek powers outside the confines of the word of God, saying that “we do not need to kill ourselves to have worldly and ephemeral powers.The word of God should moderate our conducts on earth.”
The man of God emphasised that worldly attainments would fade away, whereas the word of God remained forever, saying that as Christians and saints, “we must constantly feed ourselves with the word of God, which must be our guide, and by so doing, ultimately make heaven.”
He further stressed that it is pointless to fight for things that would not last beyond 60 to 70 years when “we can strive for the ideal of righteous and unblemished life through the grace of God, and through a life that is well-pleasing to God, to eventually attain a life that has no end, which is as blissful as it is glorious.”
Source:PM News

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