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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Lagos State Sweepers Are Very Beautiful.

Sweeper at work.

Our recent research was on Lagos State sweepers who are workers under Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) in Lagos southwest
Nigeria. Available statistic shows that the sweepers too occupy a good percentage of Lagos state workers. The research shows that most of these sweepers were mostly female are the most beautiful out of all Lagos State worker.

      Brief history of LAWMA.
Management of solid waste did not become a phenomenon in Nigeria until the early 1970's, when due to the oil boom ,
which compounded the emerging industrialization and urbanization, the resultant high volume of waste was becoming
increasingly difficult for the Local Government Councils in Lagos State to manage. Such that, by 1977, when Nigeria
hosted FESTAC '77, the world press classified Lagos as the "dirtiest" city capital Consequently, in April 1977, the first
waste management outfit in West Africa was instituted, as Lagos State Refuse Disposal Board (LSRDB) in Nigeria,
under Edict 9 of 1977, with Powell Duffen Pollution Control Consultants of Canada as managers.
In 1981, its name was changed to Lagos State Waste Disposal Board (LSWDB) because of the added responsibilities
for industrial-commercial waste collection and disposal, drain clearing and disposal of derelict / scrapped vehicles.
Finally, in December 1991, its current name, the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) was christened
under Edict No. 55, which made the agency to be responsible for the collection and disposal of municipal and industrial
waste, as well as for the provision of commercial waste services to the State and Local Governments.

Our research reveals that Lagos sweeper under Lagos state wastes management authority ( LAWMA) are one of the most beautiful considering the nature of their job which is very tedious and risky and most of them still manage to keep body and soul together. Under the administration Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu the former governor of Lagos State, their operation take a new turn when the management was restructure and a lot of innovation was introduced.
So to prove that our research and findings are right or wrong check out the faces of Lagos state sweeper in your area couple with the nature of their job they still look good, but let me quickly tell you that you should be very careful when you try to look at their face because they might be married.

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