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Monday 5 June 2017

Dancing Policeman Captures Spirit Of The City Of Manchester.

A policeman who was seen dancing with young fans at One Love Manchester has said his phone "hasn't stopped ringing" since he
went viral.
He was identified by Durham Police as PC Paul Taylor from Darlington.
PC Taylor was seen linking arms with a group of fans and dancing in a circle during Justin Bieber's performance.
"I had posed for a picture with these two young girls who were with their mum, and they asked if I'd like to dance," he explained.
"I can't remember what was playing at the time, I think it may have been Justin Bieber. Since the clip went viral my phone hasn't stopped ringing!"

One Love Manchester was praised for bringing the city together at a time of immense grief.
The benefit concert was described invariably - and correctly - as a night of joy, unity, solidarity and defiance.
Those in attendance, including some of the artists, struggled to hold back tears - the emotion still raw from the suicide bombing that killed 22 people last month.
For viewers at home who'd just about managed to hold it together, the moment that tipped them over the edge involved seeing PC Taylor dancing with the six fans. 

It was a glorious moment.
BBC music reporter Mark Savage described it as the point he "broke" while others said it was their "favourite moment" of the show, with others adding that they were "weeping".
PC Taylor, who has 20 years in service, got back home at 3:30 BST after working at the concert. 
Source: BBC

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