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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Keychain That Detects Dirty and wet Diapers

It was only a matter of time before a techie became a parent and thought: There has to be a less disgusting way to see if my kid’s diaper is wet.
That guy is the Michigan-based engineer Eric Schuh. After being frustrated by the inconvenience of checking his daughter’s diaper situation, he built a relatively inexpensive keychain that you can hold up next to your little one and that will light up when it senses that it’s near moist clothing.
The simple, patent-pending design is basically a juiced-up USB stick. When you press a button and hold it near a wet diaper, a sensor detects the moisture and the top of the stick lights up. That’s it. 
Schuh’s unnamed device is vaguely reminiscent of TweetPee, the Twitter-connected device that Huggies debuted in select markets in May of last year. The plastic birdie gadget attaches to your child’s diaper and tweets at you whenever it has detected moisture. It also measures the rate at which families use diapers (presumably Huggies brand). 
But who needs a tricked out gizmo attached to their baby’s diaper at all times? Schuh’s adorable family-assisted Kickstarter demo (below) seems a more accessible option at only $12. The only downside? Schuh hedges that he hasn’t been able to experiment with all types of diaper-fabric combos. 
Nevertheless, this inventive dad’s project is fully funded, and he estimates that he’ll start shipping in February.

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