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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Watch New Video of Governor Danbaba Suntai Interview.


Video opens, men talking
Governor Suntai: unintelligible
Man in white, sitting next to the governor:: It's beautiful out here, I'm happy to see you, I'm happy to see you. We thought the situation was worse than this. But thank God, this is very, very interesting, I've been told about your developments and how you're improving.
Governor Suntai: Yes.
Man: Good to see you.
Governor Suntai: unintelligible...and I believe my governor has received you.
Man: Yes yes yes he has.
Man: The process of your recuperation, I hope it's going on well.
Governor Suntai: It is going on well.
Man: And what would be your message to Nigerians?
Governor Suntai: Well if they can put all these things aside and tend to good, I think that will stop the problem. Because these things, God does not like it. But we are doing it when we know God does not permit us to do it. It is unfortunate that we have decided to listen to the devil in this case. So it is unfortunate that I am involved in this drinking of hot drinks.
Man: So your excellency, looking at it now, are you well or fit enough to return to your office as the position of executive governor of Taraba state?
Governor Suntai: Well I can tell you that it is well with me to return to my office simply because I want you to support me. But you know the truth, I am not well at all to return to office as I am now.
Man: So with time you'll pick up and you'll be able to discharge your function?
Governor Suntai: I know that I will pick up with time and be able to discharge my duty but that will take some time before I am able to do that. And that is not supposed to be my my my my my duty, to misbehave once and then to misbehave another time.

Man: Alright but your excellence, finally, because I wouldn't want to stress you more, what would be your message to the people of Taraba at this new year?
Governor Suntai: My message is very simple, let them try to live accordingly to the laws of God, and that will definitely give them an exciting life on this earth. But if you go outside from God's law, you'll just destroy yourself, and that is what is happening to me, because I was already counting the days that are left for me on this Earth with this issue of drinking, drinking, drinking. It is not the best at all, to venture into drinking.
Man: Thank you so much your excellency, we wish you the best of luck and we hope that you recover on time to be able to return to your office as the executive governor that the Taraba people elected to be their leader 'til 2015 at least. Thank you so much sir.
Governor Suntai: Thank you so much, I'm very grateful.

Source:Sahara Reporter

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