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Wednesday 18 February 2015

A Nigerian Emerges Best Graduating Masters Student In Malaysia University.

Miss Morufat Abimbola Li-Hammed during her graduation.
Newsdirect411 had an exclusive interview with Miss Morufat Abimbola Li-Hammed the best graduating Masters student in Malaysia university, click here to read

Newsdirect411: Can we meet you please?
My name is Morufat Abimbola Li-Hammed, I'm from Lagos State.
Newsdirect411: Recently you emerge as the best graduating masters students in Malaysia University (USIM) for scoring 3.93 out of 4.0, can we know more about your background?
I'm 26 years old; I'm from a polygamous family, the 9th child of my father.
Newsdirect411: Can we know more about your educational background?
For my Nursery school, I went to Starlight Nursery School at Idimu Lagos State, after that, I went to Effortswill Academy in Lagos, I left Effortswill for Alfaruq International School Ejigbo, I started Alfaruq from Primary 2 and I finished my High school there, I did My WAEC at An Najat International School Apapa, Lagos in 2004.
I gained admission into Lagos State University (LASU) in 2006 I wanted to study medicine but didn't meet up the cut off mark so I settle for Botany.
Newsdirect411: How was it like growing up as a child?
Hmmmm, I won't like to talk about that, but it wasn't that rosy all the time.
Miss Morufat Abimbola Li-Hammed and her supervisor Prof Jalani Sukaimi

Newsdirect411: Ok but all in all it was wonderful growing up?
Sure, every step was worth it
Newsdirect411: How was your result when you finish from LASU?
Alhamdulillah, I couldn't make a first class, but I graduated with a 4.33 out of 5.0 from LASU and I was opportune to be a university scholar of the school, I finished in LASU March, 2011 and went for NYSC service November of the same year.
Newsdirect411: So at what point did you decide to travel out of the country to study, I mean your master?
One of the constant prayers I asked God when I was in school was that I'll like to do my masters away from home, and I was positive He will grant me.
Newsdirect411: What course did you put in for in your masters program?
 I was offered food biotechnology which I accepted because in one way or the other it was closer to botany.
Newsdirect411: How was studying in Malaysia like?
Though, the system was quite different from Nigeria and it was very challenging. But I was determined to excel no matter the odds. You have to score 80 above to have an A unlike Nigeria where you have to score 70. Also, the examinations here is very standard, one has to think before answering and also give a life scenario in some.
Newsdirect411: At what point did you notice you were leading the class?
Though, I wasn't sure I was leading the class because you don't know other students grade. We all have access to our results on individual online portal. I only knew on the convocation day where was dressed separately like a beauty pageant.
Newsdirect411: What was your GP and is that the first time a student will get to that level?
I'm not sure if I was the only one in the school that had the GP, but for masters I was.
Newsdirect411: How did Nigerians over there received the news?
My colleagues from Nigeria where very happy.
Newsdirect411: Is Nigeria embassy over there aware of this?
I'm not sure if the Nigeria embassy here was informed, they don't care as such about Nigerians.
Newsdirect411: Is there any special package that comes with it, I mean you result?
I was nominated for the faculty book award.
Newsdirect411: How did you feel on the day of your graduation and can you paint the picture of how the day was like?
Well on my graduation ceremony, I was overwhelmed, my supervisor was so proud of me and showed me to his circle of friends. Also, when I walked on the stage to shake the queen and collect my scroll, I felt confident and grateful to God.
Miss Morufat Abimbola Li-Hammed at a conference with friends.

Newsdirect411: Did attend the convocation in LASU?
I wasn't opportune to attend my convocation in Nigeria; I was in Kaduna serving my father’s land.
Newsdirect411: Your wish for Nigeria?
I pray for a better Nigeria. I believe Nigeria can don't better than what we're being offered now.
Newsdirect411: Did we have students in your school in Malaysia that get to this level?
I'm not sure, there are other students who did excellently well, but for my course and set, I came first.
Newsdirect411: What is your plan in the future?
Planning to continue with PhD and be a lecturer in future by God's grace.
Newsdirect411:  your advice for the other female and your parting words?
Well, the road to success is not smooth. But with determination and handwork, we can always get there. My advice to fellow Nigerians particularly females is that they should always have the strong will to succeed, never let lack of money hold back from studying. To me, it is the masses that struggle to study and not the children of the rich. We should always give our best shot to succeed.
Newsdirect411: Would you like to do you PhD here in Nigeria?
I wouldn't like to do it in Nigeria.
Newsdirect411: Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations once again.
Thanks you are welcome.

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