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Thursday, 29 May 2014


The politician has come again with their intrigue with 2015 election on it way. It a fact that before and during election that parties and
politicians uses all sort of things to deceive the electorate into voting for them, countless promises and project which they talk about and will not be achieved in 20 years time they will bust of doing it in one day.
The sharing of food, money, clothes, and other things are some of their strategies, this act is not peculiar to PDP alone and it is also common among other popular party like APC. The act as been observed since second republic that this act as not and will never solve any problem been faced by the downtrodden Nigerian or the masses.
Our advice to all electorate or voter is to be mindful of who they cast their vote for and should not think of what they will eat today but their future which is their children. The rice or any form of food will finish one day and the cloth will fade away but when you vote right, your future will be granted.
We at Newsdirect411 is using this medium to advice our people to be mindful of those we cast our vote for.


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