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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Breaking News: Russia Steps Up Nuclear Plans In Iran.

Russia has announced plans to build new nuclear reactors in Iran --
a move with international repercussions as a deadline looms.
The country will construct up to eight new reactors for the "peaceful use of atomic energy" in Iran, Russian state news agency Ria-Novosti reported Tuesday.
The announcement came less than two weeks before Iran's negotiations with Western powers over its nuclear activities are set to expire.

It also came a day after a fresh warning from Israel that the regime can't be trusted, and a fresh promise from Washington that Iran won't become a nuclear-armed state.
Russia said its agreement with Iran includes a plan for the spent nuclear fuel to be "returned to Russia for reprocessing and storage."
Both Iran and Russia are under sanctions by the West. The announcement suggests Moscow is demonstrating that it has no plans to slow down its nuclear cooperation.

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