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Monday 23 March 2015

2015 Election: Gen Buhari Leads President Jonathan On Opinion Polls.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential candidate, Major General Muhammed Buhari is leading the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, Presidential candidate,  President Goodluck Jonathan in various opinion polls conducted online so far.
In the opinion poll conducted by renowned online newspaper, Premium Times, Buhari leads Jonathan by a wide margin. Out of the total 9,206 respondents to the poll, 8,176 Nigerians said they will vote for Buhari.
The online newspaper simply asks: Who do you think will win the Nigeria 2015 presidential election? Thousands of people voted for Buhari who polled 88.81 percent in the poll, while Jonathan, who got a paltry 877 votes, about 9.53 percent came a distant second.
All other parties’ presidential candidates shared the remaining 1.66 votes in the poll.
Another online newspaper, the Daily Post’s opinion poll gave it to Buhari also. Out of  a total of 9,204 votes in the poll, Buhari emerged winner by polling 6,129 votes (66.59 percent) and Jonathan, with 2,516 votes (27.34 percent) came second, while other parties shared the remaining 6.07 percent votes.
Also, in the poll conducted by the globally-renowned political risk research and consulting firm, Eurasia Group, Buhari emerged winner.
Philippe de Pontet, Practice head, Africa, of the group said Buhari got 60 percent of the poll and may likely win this week’s presidential poll, while Jonathan got 40 percent.
Also, a recent poll conducted by renowned Center for Public Policy Alternatives, showed that Buhari will win the poll as he polled 58 percent as against 32 percent polled by Jonathan.
The opinion poll conducted by an online news portal, Nigeria Eye also tilted this week’s election in favour of Buhari. Out of the total 7,043 respondents to the poll, Buhari got 72 percent to defeat Jonathan, who scored 25 percent while the remaining three percent was shared by other parties’ presidential candidates.
A popular blogger, Omojuwa’s opinion poll recently showed that Buhari is likely to defeat Jonathan in this week’s poll as the former general polled 88 percent as against 12 percent polled by Jonathan.

In February, the Africa Independent Television, AIT, conducted a poll to gauge the popularity of Jonathan after the station had run a damaging documentary on Buhari. After two days of the poll, Buhari was leading Jonathan by 7,158 (76.23 percent) as against 1,953 (20.8 percent) polled by Jonathan before the station shut down its website, alleging massive rigging of its own opinion poll.
In the poll conducted by the popular World Stage Group, Buhari polled 1,182 votes to lead Jonathan, who polled 608 votes.
However, in the poll conducted by Kevin, Charlyn and Kimberly Associates, a United Kingdom (UK)-based research and political risk consultancy firm, Jonathan is predicted to win the poll with a probable margin of 13 per cent.
A statement issued by its Vice President (VP) for Africa and Middle East, Mr. O.C. Vince at the weekend said it used both the ‘monkey survey’ and ‘political risk index’ to forecast the Nigerian election, which culminated in projecting  Jonathan’s victory.
“Many people around the world, including politics and business leaders, are focusing on Nigeria to see how the process of democracy is managed,” he said.
On the credibility of the test, the statement hinted: “We randomly conducted a nationwide opinion poll focusing on the six geo-political regions of Nigeria: North East, North West, North Central, South West, South East and South-South. The sampled population was asked questions centring on human rights, the economy and security.”
The statement added: “We viewed Dr. Jonathan as a favourite to win re-election based also on a number of factors even though the election will still be difficult to call. Our expectation of a Jonathan’s win was predicated also on the fact that the postponement of the election may have helped him comeback decisively into the race.”
Source:PM News

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