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Tuesday 16 September 2014

See Pictures Of 7 Most Expensive Animal In The World.

1. How much does the smallest Pomeranian in the world cost? Oh, only $13,000. This little guy above, who is so cleverly dubbed Mr.
Amazing, is the newest addition to Paris Hilton’s pet family. He was reportedly purchased for a whopping 13K and weighs less than one lb! 


According to Page Six, the first item on the late Lauren Bacall’s will had to do with her puppy Sophie. While it’s said that Lauren left over $26 million to her family, the movie star also set aside $10,000 for the dog’s care! 

Just this past March, a Tibetian Mastiff that looks like this one sold for 2 million US dollars, making him the most expensive animal in the world! The breed is considered very rare in China and is considered a status symbol, which explains the hefty price tag.


This cute little guy, who belongs to a couple in Florida, is worth over $100,000 because he’s a clone! The family’s original puppy died in cancer of 2008, so the owners decided to clone him, creating his predecessor, Sir Lancelot Encore.


This cow, Miss Missy, is the most expensive one ever, worth a whopping $1.2 million. In 2009 she won the championship in one of the world’s most renowned animal competitions, and her owner paid the $1.2 million to make sure the cow remained in her possession. Good call there.

 And in 2006 when still just a baby, this horse, named The Green Monkey, sold for $16 million! This horse was a descendant of two horses who won the Kentucky Derby, which means genes matter even for animals.

A maltisse seems like a pretty typical, run-of-the-mill puppy breed, but not Trouble! This particular pooch may not cost a lot to purchase, but he was left $12 million after his owner, Leona Hemlsey, died in 2007. Leona got her fortune from her hotelier husband and left most of her millions to her pet rather than her own family!

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