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Wednesday 3 February 2016

John Kerry Used Private Email To Send Classified Information To Clinton.

John Kerry.
The State Department said Tuesday that John Kerry, when he was a senator, used a private email account to send information now
deemed classified to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her personal server.
Spokesman John Kirby said then-Senator Kerry used a "non-official account" to send a May 19, 2011, message to Clinton and then-national security adviser Tom Donilon. Portions of the message were classified as "secret" last week and censored when it was released along with about another 1,000 of Clinton's emails on Friday. The non-redacted portions of the message in question refer to developments in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There was no indication that the information in Kerry's email was considered classified at any level at the time it was sent or if Kerry, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would have considered it particularly sensitive. Several hours after Kerry sent the email, Clinton forwarded it to a staffer with the instructions "pls print."
Kirby said the account that Kerry used to send the email from his iPad is no longer active.

Another email that Kerry sent to Clinton on his iPad, from Aug. 28, 2012, was released in full on Friday with no redactions. Another email from Feb. 4, 2012, apparently not sent from Kerry's iPad, was classified in full at the "confidential" or lowest level. Kirby could not immediately say if either of those two messages was sent from Kerry's non-official account.
Source: AP

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