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Tuesday 2 February 2016

YouTube Maker Drop Plan To Trademarks Terms For A Popular Video Format.

The makers of one of YouTube's biggest channels have dropped plans to trademark terms for a popular video format - after facing
outcry from fans.
The Fine Brothers' "reaction videos" show people responding to online clips.
But a plan to license "react" to other video-makers was met with a digital backlash, costing the brothers hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
They have now apologised and said trademark applications will be rescinded.
"Hello, we're here to apologise," The Fine Brothers, Rafi and Benny, wrote in a blog.

'Pure intentions'

Some of The Fine Brothers' most successful series include Kids React, Teens React and YouTubers React.
Videos in a similar style have been produced by many YouTubers - often with "react" in the title.
Among trademark applications filed by the brothers last year were the terms "Kids React", "Adults React" and the word "react" itself.
The duo responded to criticism that license agreements might be used to "police" online video by saying this was a "valid concern".
"Though we can assert our intentions are pure, there's no way to prove them," they added.
The trademark scheme, which they had named the React World program, has been discontinued, existing trademark applications have been rescinded and past YouTube copyright claims have also been dropped.
"This has been a hard week," the brothers wrote.

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