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Friday 24 April 2015

Libyan general: EU Military Action Regarding Migrants Would Be Unwise.

The head of the Libyan Army has rejected the possibility of cooperating with any EU military intervention in his country
intended to stem the flow of undocumented migrants trying to reach Europe.
In an exclusive interview Friday with CNN's Becky Anderson, Libyan army head Gen. Khalifa Haftar said Libyan authorities had not been consulted and, in any event, military action would not solve the problem.
"We will certainly not cooperate, because we were not involved in resolving this issue," Haftar said. "The decision was taken without consulting the legitimate Libyan side."

The European Union is struggling to cope with an increasing number of people crowding into unseaworthy boats and trying to reach European shores. Many of the travelers are fleeing violence and poverty in Libya and elsewhere in the region.
The capsizing of one vessel last weekend left an estimated 900 people dead.
EU leaders are considering a plan that would involve military action against people smugglers at the source -- before they load their boats with human cargo. Of necessity, such an operation would involve operations within the territory of North African countries.

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