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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Tips For Finding Cheap Pet Supplies: Including Treats, Food, And Even Toys.

Finding cheap pet supplies is so easy. I often stock up on cheap pet supplies for my dog, because the deals are too great to pass up. I’ll
literally have a bag full of pet supplies and will have spent under $10. I’ve even bought 20 pound bags of Purina dog food for under $5. So how do I do it? What are the secrets to finding cheap pet supplies? First of all, it’s all about where you shop. Second, there are several great sales and coupons that will make your pet supplies super cheap. I hope these tips help you to find cheap pet supplies, for your pets, as well.

Big Lots: If you have a Big Lots close by, you really must shop there. Big Lots always has cheap pet supplies. You can find treats for under $1, toys for under $5, and you can also find great deals on pet food as well. I went shopping at Big Lots, just the other day, and found a bag full of pet supplies for $11. Now that is a little more than I would normally spend on pet supplies, but this bag was mostly filled with toys, which are gifts for my mom’s pets. The prices, on these toys, were much cheaper than what you would find at most stores. For example, I got a set that came with two toys for large dogs and it came with treats as well that was only $5.

Walmart is constantly changing the merchandise that they carry and this helps you to get cheap pet supplies. How? Well, they have to move out the old stock, so they usually put it on clearance. You will usually find really great deals on these pet supplies that have moved to clearance and if you have a coupon, for these pet supplies, you’ll get even better deals. Dollar Stores: Whether you shop at Dollar General, Family Dollar, or the Dollar Tree you will find cheap pet supplies. Not all of the pet supplies, carried at the dollar stores, are a great deal, but these dollar stores usually carry some pet supplies that are cheaper than those you would find at larger department stores. One of the best items you can find, for your pets, is bags of treats for only $1. Your local dollar store may have other great deals on pet supplies including pet beds, leashes, and shampoos. Online: You can also find cheap pet supplies online. For example, I have found Advantage for much cheaper than what my vet charges. On EBay, there are several sellers that only sell pet supplies and they usually start their auctions out at a very low price. You can find everything from pet beds to toys to fancy collars and so much more. There also several pet stores that have websites, such as Petco, and they all have great deals on pet supplies as well. Sales: I don’t recommend buying pet supplies at your grocery store, unless there’s a good sale. Grocery stores overprice household items, and that includes pet supplies. When grocery stores have sales on pet supplies though, the sales are usually very good. As I mentioned above, I have bought 20 pound bags of Purina dog for under $5 and I have also found great deals on treats. If you have a store that doubles coupons plus has a sale going, you will find really cheap pet supplies. Coupons: If you have a pet, it really pays to get a Sunday paper. The Sunday paper is loaded with coupons for pet supplies. There are several ways coupons can help you to get cheap pet supplies. First, coupons can be doubled at some grocery and that means getting the pet supplies really cheap or sometimes for free. Second, there are sometimes coupons for free pet supplies. Last, but not least, coupons can be combined with buy one get one free sales for even better deals. New Products: When new pet supplies come out, there are usually coupons and sales that make those pet supplies super cheap. Companies want you try their new products and they know that if those products are really cheap, you’ll be more likely to purchase those products. Also keep an eye out for free samples. Websites: Most of the pet supply companies have websites. These websites will usually have special offers such as free samples and coupons. It really does pay to sign-up for the free newsletters that these websites offer. The newsletters will usually have coupons in them and will also tell you about new products that will be coming out.

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