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Monday, 24 March 2014

Breaking News: Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane: New Debris Located in Search for Jet.

An Australian plane spotted two objects today -- described as "circular" and "rectangular" -- in the south Indian Ocean while searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 -- evidence described as "new leads"
but "nothing conclusive," Malaysian officials said.
Malaysian officials said Australia's HMAS Success was attempting to locate he objects as soon as "the next few hours" to see if they are related to missing plane.

"It’s possible that HMAS Success could pick up the objects within the next few hours or by tomorrow morning at the latest," Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said during a news conference. "It is currently the only vessel in the search area."
Hussein said they are working to "narrow the search area" and that 18,500-square nautical miles had already been searched.

The announcement came hours after other "suspicious objects" had been spotted by a Chinese aircraft while searching for missing jetliner, but could not be located by the U.S. Navy, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. 

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