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Friday, 28 March 2014

Teacher banned from school in America for trying to embroil students into lottery scam.

Jay Deutsch is going to have to find some new work. The man who used to be a substitute teacher as part of a consortium that hires and distribute substitute teachers in
Ohio was banned from working in 16 school districts after he was accused of doing some rather bizarre things. The accusations include disturbing comments to a female student, tardiness, and telling students he, “needed them to give him $100” because he was caught up in aNigerian phone scam, as WCPO 9 On Your Side News reports.
The incident happened on March 7 at Fairfield Middle School in Fairfield, Ohio, when Deutsch was supposed to be teaching a social studies class. However, he didn’t follow the lesson plan and made odd comments to his students. The students then, in turn, went to another teacher and complained. The teacher promptly investigated.

              The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Deutsch allegedly told his colleague he wasn’t going to follow the lesson plan he was asked to go over, and that he was 20 minutes late to another class he was supposed to teach. When the teacher alerted the school’s administrative staff what was happening, Deutsch was escorted off the premises.
Then on March 10, Principal Kristilynn Turney received an email from concerned parent, Mike Hicks. Hicks informed Turney that his daughter told him that Deutsch solicited money from the students, discussing a Nigerian and Jamaican lottery. Beyond that, Deutsch had told her she was beautiful, in what was characterized as a “creepy” way. I don’t know if there’s a way for a teacher to talk about his student’s looks without sounding creepy, but that’s neither here nor there.

The Enquirer spoke with Jay Deutsch about the accusations. He denied he had talked to students about a lottery scam, but admits he didn’t follow the lesson plan. He told the paper, “The subject was crusades. We were discussing that. I was on topic. One of the things we were talking about was the purpose of crusades … nothing to do with Nigerian lottery scams." Deutsch says that while he was disappointed by the consortium’s decision to bar him from substitute teaching, he won’t fight it because, “it’s not in my best interest.” Until this bizarre incident, there had been no complaints made about Deutsch in two years he had worked for the consortium.

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